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Our Mission


The Elgin Math and Science Academy is an EL Education public charter school.

We strive to support the whole child and develop socially responsible leaders who aspire to create a better world.


EMSA will be an inspirational model for K-8 public education.

Together, we will equip our students to be successful in a changing world and we will empower them to think critically with a global perspective while living out our Habits of Scholarship: Respect, Responsibility, Courage and Creativity.


Our community is a Crew where everyone is welcomed, has a purpose and a voice.
Our campus enriches the educational experience through the wonder of nature.
Our classrooms are active, engaging, and student led spaces.
Our curriculum is STEM centered and data driven with "real-world" outcomes.
Our teachers are the backbone of our school culture and academic rigor.
Our students are creative thinkers, courageous leaders, responsible learners and respectful peers.

 Habits of Scholarship