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About Us

EMSA is the ONLY tuition free, public charter school that is available to any child residing in District U-46.

The Elgin Math and Science Academy Charter School is a decades-long dream of community members to open a K-8 elementary school that brings science and math to life for students in Elgin, Illinois and surrounding communities.


Partnering with EL Education (, EMSA officially opened in August 2018, expanding the idea of what deeper learning can look like. EMSA is now a thriving and diverse learning community dedicated to fostering each child’s unique potential through exemplary standards of character, academic achievement, and social responsibility. 

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EMSA is a nonprofit 501(c)(3), independent, STEM, public K-8 charter school with a local Board of Directors composed of area educators, business leaders, and parents. We officially opened in the Fall of 2018 with 208 students in grades K-3 and we will grow to full capacity in 2024 at 468 students in grades K-8.

We serve free/reduced hot lunch, provide busing throughout the 90 sq. miles of the district, offer a longer school day and year, and provide on-site after school care with the Boys & Girls Club of Elgin.

EL Education ELA Curriculum

Our Beliefs about Student Learning



Diversity At EMSA

44% Hispanic
25% Caucasian
13% African American
12% Asian
6% Identifies as 2 or more

17 Languages represented
26% English Learners
22% Receive Special Ed. Services
2% Students without housing
55% Receive free/reduced lunch

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We offer free transportation throughout the 90 sq. miles of District U-46.
Learn about busing or driving your student.